DMedSc Wojciech Wodzislawski

- good orthopedic Wroclaw

Orthopedist surgery Wojciech Wodzislawski

Parandowskiego Street 55
54-622 Wroclaw, Poland
Tax number: 899 106 93 32
Phone number: +48 601 587946

Phone registration:

Tel. 71 338 00 78
Tel. 71 342 84 67

Orthopaedic and Traumatology Clinic

of Millitary Hospital in Wroclaw
Weigla Street 5
53-114 Wroclaw, Poland

Telephone contact:

Tel. 71 766 02 73
Tel. 71 766 03 30
fax 71 766 06 34

I invite you for visits

monday to friday,
730 - 1430

My main field of interest is joint orthoplasty and arthroscopy. I am performing most of operations from a domain of orthopaedics and traumatology.

Clinic "Na Grobli"

Hirszfeda square 1
53-413 Wroclaw, Poland

Telephone contact:

Tel. 71 338 00 78

I invite you on tuesdays.

Phone registration
monday to friday between:
800 to 2000

In my consulting room I examine patients and suggest a kind of the treatment and If necessary I describe an operation. There is an operation room located in the Clinic where I execute arthroscopy of knee, shoulder and ankle; reconstruction of ACL and glenoid labrum. Patients are to remain in ward for 1-3 days after operation.

Academy of Physiotherapy

Kosciuszki Street 4
50-038 Wroclaw, Poland

Telephone contact:

Tel. 71 342 84 67

I invite you on thursdays.

Phone registration
monday to friday, between:
800 to 1500

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